Parking garage

Project: Waterproofing and sealing of a parking garage
Description of the project:
At the end of 2011 a Liquid Rubber applicator was asked for the waterproofing of this garage. Leaking joints and seems in the concrete floor and walls were damaging the steel construction girders. So the parking garage had to be treated while at the same time the aesthetical end result was an important aspect.

The applicator chose for this project for Liquid Rubber because the products from this range ensure a water tight solution and can be applied in colours and textures.

For the sealing of the joints and seams at the wall jacks the HB S-200 was chosen, reinforced with Geotextile. As a topcoat a layer of AcriTech was applied with anti-slip structure.

For the sealing of a number of dilatations in the building the JointFiller was used. And the open-air parking deck will be treated with the AcriTech in grey and anti-slip structure.

  • Liquid Rubber HBS-200
  • Geotextiel
  • Acritech
  • JointFiller
  • WinterGrade