Waterproofing roof with Liquid Rubber SprayGrade

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Project: Waterproofing roof with Liquid Rubber SprayGrade.

Description: Worldwide, existing roofs are struggling with moisture problems. Many aged roofs contain cracks or the roofing will disconnect from the roof details. This issue leads to leakages.

Replacing a roof with a new roof covering is a very expensive renovation. Sometimes the existing roofing needs to be removed and a new roofing needs to be installed. To overlay the existing roofing with Liquid Rubber SprayGrade offers more durability and is a very cost efficient method of renovating.

Liquid Rubber adheres to almost all types of roofing materials such as bitumen, EPDM, PVC, TPO, Steel, Asbestos panels and many more. This ensures that Liquid Rubber will get a perfect seamless bond on almost every roofing product.

To apply the product it is neccessary to thoroughly clean the roof. Thereafter, the Liquid Rubber HBS200 is combined with Geotextile to be applied in various cracks, seams and roof details. On this point all critical details are provided with a proper seal. After the details have been completed, Liquid Rubber SprayGrade is sprayed over the entire roof surface in a 2mm layer thickness. This product has a flexibility of 900% and is completely UV resistant. SprayGrade vulcanizes with Liquid Rubber HBS200 and is fully bonded.

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