Waterproofing basement with Liquid Rubber BelowGrade

Project: Waterproofing basement with Liquid Rubber BelowGrade
Description: Liquid Rubber is a well known product to seal the outside of new-build basements. But Liquid Rubber can also be used to in situations where a basement is being renovated.

At this beautiful house the entire building is being renovated. This made it possible to re-waterproof the entire basement because they had leaking problems for a few years now. Liquid Rubber BelowGrade is directly applied on the existing basement wall. The product cures into a seamless membrane with a high flexibility of 900%. This alows the product to move along with the movements in the construction. Liquid Rubber BelowGrade cures very quickly so the ground can be placed back very soon after the application.

A beautiful product on a beautiful property..

A pretty easy way to waterproof this gutter. During the job, the applicator had a stunning view!

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